Taylor Hammes is an artist and designer who is interested in the ways which technology and the body interact. The ways which we provide, receive and perform rituals surrounding around computers, color, and texture. The relics that come between, bring us together and embed themselves into our clothes, houses and societies.  How can we use knowledge sharing to heal ourselves, others and the planet?
They hold a BFA from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. Their work as been printed in various magazines such as Dope Girls, The Daily UW, Voyage UW, and the Chicago Reader. Tottooed on people’s bodies. Presented at MakeFashion, electronic fashion show 2019 in Calgary, Alberta. The Shanty Festival, a shanty festival on the frozen lake in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Taught in various non-profits such as, Seattle ReCreative, Sunny Day Earth Solutions, and FreeArts MN.
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